Monday, September 21, 2009

Imaginisce Helps Local Scrapbooker

As a manufacturer we are called upon at times to help out in the community where we can. Well a few weeks ago our friends over at Good Things Utah contacted us to help out.

They had received a request from a desperate husband that wanted to cheer up his wife after their basement flooded one night and destroyed all of his scrapbooking supplies. Michelle Clarke from Ogden, Utah had about $10,000 worth of damage due to a sprinkler pipe breaking in the middle of the night. Everything had to be thrown out. Luckily her husband had backed up all of their photos, but still my heart broke when I heard about their bad luck. So we sent Lori Allred to help out Nicea Degering surprise Michelle with a visit (cameras and all) to tell her that she was going to do a story about the tragedy and hopefully as a result some scrapbook manufacturers would be willing to help out.

So Lori from Imaginisce scrapbooking joined with the very talented and beautiful Teresa Collins. They both showed up with product in hand and surprised Michelle while Nicea was filming her piece. Michelle, her husband Nathan and their daughter Aspen all seemed excited to have us show up!! I was excited to give Michelle some of the new product lines from CHA Summer and the new iTop Brad Maker (yes, even the punches too). Nicea was awesome and Lori and Teresa were amazing and so thoughtful!!!
Here's some more pictures of Michelle & Nathan Clarke's flooded basement.


Jana Eubank said...

I saw this on the news! Imaginisce ROCKS!!! That was so sweet of you! ;)

P said...

That was an awesome gift!


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