Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Splash Dance: Cards that make a SPLASH!

Kim Holmes created these darling cards with the fun chipboard pieces from the Splash Dance Collection. We loved how creative her card titles were and how they fit the icons perfect. So we would love to know what greeting, phrase or page title you might come up with after looking our Fantastic Friends Rub-ons....anything will work, but be creative if you want to win some product goodies from Imaginisce.

Did you notice that Kim used the new Color Fusion Glam Rock from our new i-rock Collection?? They're the perfect little detail to finish off any project and these gems set in a few seconds.


Kelly Massman said...

Those cards are just ADORABLE!!!!

pdrnc said...

I absolutely love these cards.

Samantha said...

I jsut love these cards and of course the fantastic friends rub ons:)1 page title sprang to mind..... "A whale of a tale" and 1 card- "anchors away" for a Bon voyage card

brigid16 said...

What about "don't be crabby!" and use the the crab rubon. Those cards are really so cute!

mustangkayla said...

What absolutely ADORABLE cards! So darn cute!

Sassette said...

How about....

Snap to it (inside...give me a call) **using the crab

Shell I say HELLO? ((using the shells)

Fishing you a speedy recovery

Fishing you a Bubbly birthday

Those are what I come up with at a first glance!

Love these little creatures! Too cute! Love Kim's cards too! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Rhonda Miller said...

How cute are these cards? Oh my goodness.

PamD said...

Such cute cards!!

I was looking at the crab thinking I could make a card for my hubby... "sorry I've been crabby" :)

CherrieScraps said...

for the crab ...In a Pinch? - I'm here to help.
Whale ... Get Whale Soon!!
Seahorse - Have a Rockin Good Birthday
Octopus - need a hug? - I'm all arms
Fishes - (add a hook) - Drop me a Line!!

ok that is all I got so far!!

HeatherC said...

These are gorgeous Kim! Definitely worthy of the scraplift.

carrie said...

It's your birthday...time to "shell-a-brate!"
(using the shells)

Having a "whale" of a good time!
(using the whale)

Shannon Marie said...

I think I will have to re-create these cards with the papers and stamps I got! :)

Peg said...

I'm thinking of a 2 page layout focused around water fun. The first page could be called, "A Splishing and A Splashing" and use the fish all over it. The second page could be " A Rockin' and A Rollin" and could have a little boat with the anchor on it.

For a birthday card on the outside the fish could be used and it would read " I was fishin' for some birthday wishes...." and on the inside it could say, "But all I caught was this" and use the anchor hanging off the words "Happy Birthday."

Laurie (Wally) said...

Oh these cards are soo cute... TFS Kim..

what about
... Go Fish
Whale you come to my party
No Crabs aloud

To Blog or not to blog said...

wow love them.. Cant wait to buy glam rocks.. this line is adorable too!

sarah said...

CUTEness! :) love these cards! :)

molly1989 said...

Love the cards... but I must stay I will finish the altered R for my daughters bedroom and if I have extra time finish a clock I started weeks ago...LOL

craftymom205 said...

Wishing you a "whale" of a good time.
Let's "shell"-abrate
Just Jellin'(for the jellyfish)
Just horsin' around(using the seahorse)
Reach for the stars(using the starfish)

abbeyviolet said...

You're a Star! -- Using starfish for all the graduation type celebrations we're having of late.

Jenn in MO said...

Oh I love puns!! How about these?

Hugs & Fishes
Whale You Be Mine?
Best Fishes
Get Whale Soon
I only have ink for you...

Thanks so much for the chance to win - I just love this line!

marla said...

Love those fun images. How about:

Dont be Crabby!!
Your the only fish in the sea for me
Hope you have a Whale of a day

Kelly Jo said...

This line is adorable and so are the cards.
Don't be crabby!
Sea You soon!

Tracy said...

A couple I think of are "Have or Had a Whale of a time" , "Splash off to you". Can't wait to get my hands on theses cute guys!

Samantha T. said...

Get whale soon!
There is no porpoise to life without a friend like you!
Wishing you whale.
It's o-fish-al your 5!
Sister's by marriage, friends on porpoise.

KariLynn said...

Love the line, it is just adorable. How about:
Sending you Birthday Fishes!

scrappin_in_AK said...

fabulous cards - love them all - here's a few phrases I thought of

Get whale soon
Make a fish
Don't clam up (let's stay in touch)
you're my anchor
just bubbling with excitement
you're an angel (angel fish)

Bobbi said...

These are so cute. I love the new line, so fun. Hope about
swimming by to say hi - whale or fish
fishin you a happy birthday - fish
your one of a kind - school of fish with one different

Wendy Crowe said...

These cards so cute!!! Here is my try at a title....How about "When you fish upon a star" or
"when you wish upon a starfish".

Brittney said...

I love these cards!

As for titles, what about:
"I Sea You"
"The Shamu Adventure"
"At One With The Sea"
"Having A Sand-Sational Time"
"Life Is The Beach"
"So Crabby" (Crabs)
"Water You Doin?"
"What Are You Wading For?"

Jean said...

Super cute line and cards!

Kimmarie said...

These cards are too cute! Love the paper and embellies!

Thebug415 said...

So sweet! I love this collection sooooo much!

Erika M. said...

Loving today's cards!

Creative Char said...


Rebecca said...

"Have a whale of a time!"

"Sorry I was such a crab"

Heidi said...

"Whale"come to the neighborhood!
"Tanks" So Much (fishtank)
Feeling Bubbly

mica said...

Kim's cards are absolutely adorable!! How about "You are my star!"

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Great cards Kim!!!

"You make my heart turn to jelly..."

"You give my life porpous"...

"There are days when I'm crabby"...

"Fish you a happy birthday"...

"Sorry you are feeling under the sea..."

"On a scale of one to ten..."

"I could just spout about it"...

"Have a whale of a day"...

NanaBeth said...

Adorable! Happy summer eye candy!

Sherri Thompson said...

These are adorable! And I just love the cute little phrases everyone came up with!

becnalec said...

Those are too cute, I could see making one for my husband that says Happy Birthday to "One Ole' Crab"

SummerDay said...

Using the star fish, you could say "Sea star of the show."

Kathy Martin said...

These are soooooo sweet! :)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

So cute! Love the sentiments!!

Kim M said...

Those cards are simply adorable!

Ann Jobes said...

Kim's cards are amazing!
As for sentiment ideas:
Best fishes
You're so finny (funny...)
My finny Valentine

Ashly said...

this line is a "shore thing" :)

thats all I got, the rest have been said

(but it really is a adorable line cant wait to play with it)

Iris said...

The cards are so cute!
How about
"Fish you were here" for a beach vacation post card or scrapbook layout? Iris

Sandra D said...

OH MY GOODNESS - such adorable cards! I will have to get my hands on this range. I LOVE IT!!

So many great saying already. Here's a couple more ...

- inking you need a friend right now (octopus)
- just hanging around (jellyfish)
- have a whale of a time (whale)
- you're a star (sea star)
- make a splash (dolphin)
- when you wish upon a star, may your dreams come true (sea star)
- there's something fishy going on (fish - sureprise birthday party)

CraftyGirl said...

These cards seriously are the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! Adorable!!
Barb :)

Angie said...

Oh my word are these cards too CUTE!

Pam said...

Totally cute cards, I thought maybe:
Fish Stories and Live Bait
Guppy Love
Have a Whale of a Time
Lure over Here
Hooked on You
Your Sea Special
The Crew and I are Hooked on You
Happy BaitDay

Manhattan Mandie said...

Those are sooooo cute! I like:

Have a Swimmingly Great Time(or Day)
Fish Kisses
Whale you were away...
Feelin' Crabby Without You

~Tonya said...

These cards are so MUCH FUN and just SCREAM SUMMER!


Sweetpz said...

great cards!! love them... hope summer comes soon!!!


Marlene said...

These cards are soo cute! Love them all!


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