Monday, May 24, 2010

Splash Dance Winners Announced

Wow...we had a great turn out for our Splash Dance Release party last week. So many of you played along each day that rather then combine your entries, we randomly selected a winner from each day (better chance of winning that way). So here are the winner:

1. Favorite Splash and/or Dance memory:

Laura1943 said... Well...on my first cruise to the Caribbean in Sept. 2007....I SPLASHED and DANCED on a dance floor covered in water !! I have the all I need is the paper !!! It was so much fun rockin' to the music while being wet and enjoying life (since I was celebrating my 50th birthday !!)...Thanks for a fun line !! I already subscribe to your fun-tastic newsletter!

2. Favorite Splash Dance Project in our Online Gallery:

Abby said... I LOVE "SD shells in a bottle"! I have a variety of sand and shells I've collected from my travels and this project would be the perfect and prettiest solution to displaying them. Thanks for the idea!! :)

3. What greeting, phrase or page title you might come up with after looking our Fantastic Friends Rub-ons:

CherrieScraps said... for the crab ...In a Pinch? - I'm here to help.
Whale ... Get Whale Soon!!
Seahorse - Have a Rockin Good Birthday
Octopus - need a hug? - I'm all arms
Fishes - (add a hook) - Drop me a Line!!

(Be sure to check out the other creative comments left by our fans...very cute title and greeting ideas!!)

4. Tell us your favorite beach spot you like to enjoy with your family!

Michelle said...These are all stunning. I am just dying to get my hands on that I-Rock tool... Favorite beach spot? It would have to b Green Lake here is Wisconsin. Lovely area and beautiful beaches!

5. Friday there were 3 ways to enter. They included telling your friends about the post, follow us on Facebook and/or follow our blog:

Ms. Jen said... Your online gallery is fantastic. I can't wait to see what more people come up with. I think my fav's after the wedding collection are the butterflies, the candle and the first Love card. This is a great tool I think I must have. I'm so glad I found your link!

If you are one of these winners, please contact us at We need your shipping address. Please make sure you put "Splash Dance Blog Giveaway" in the subject line. A couple of you I found emails for on your profiles for blogger, so don't forget to reply to my email. Thank you all for playing was fun!!


A Sarasota said...

Congrats lucky winners!

Scrapendipity said...

Congrats winning ladies! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'm doing a happy splash dance in my living room because I won! woohooo.. Thank you so much Imaginisce for making this a fabulous Monday!

mustangkayla said...

Congrats to the winners!

HeatherC said...

Congrats to the winners! You are going to love this line!!

Melinda Spinks said...

Winners are Grinners :)... you are seriously going to love your prizes.

Liz said...

So super happy for you lucky ducks! Splash Dance is really gorgeous - wait til you get your hands on those suckers. WTG!!!

Kimmarie Baker said...

Congrats everyone - you are super lucky. I can't wait to be able to puchase this line.

Kim. said...

Congratulations to all the winners.
Kim xXx

Laurie (Wally) said...

Congrats everyone... Enjoy...

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Congratulations everyone!! :)

Sassette said...

Congratulations to all the winners!


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