Friday, June 25, 2010

"Mist-fied" by Imaginisce "Splash Dance"!

Hi there! Design Team member Penny Smith here!
Thanks for joining me for my FIRST Imaginisce blog post!!

OK, so Spray Mist/ink is ALL the rage.
But I have been told my many people, they are still nervous about using it.
(I work at a scrapbooking store, so I hear it a LOT!)

I thought I would share a couple simple techniques that will hopefully spur your creativity!
I prefer to use spray inks with bright colored layouts. It's my style-bright and eclectic!

First suggestion:
Spray spray ink randomly around your paper! That's it!
Use one color, 7 colors-have fun!
Then scrap right on top of it!
On this layout I used my I-Rock to add "bling" to the rub-on border!
It can be as simple as taking a scrap piece of cardstock or chipboard and spraying around the corner of it, and then offsetting it to your picture!
I used my I-Rock and an I-Rock stencil set to make those flourishes/splashes!

Don't forget ALL the things you can put down to make a mask! Chipboard or cardstock shapes, (you can go WILD with your Cricut!) punches, punch scraps, the backing to stickers... it can all make an interesting mask!!

OK, this last technique is a bit more complicated, but give it a try! I think you'll like the results!

For this technique, I got out my punches that were made for the I-Top!
I am going to use that shape as a mask!
I punched three of the large (28mm) shape.
Then I placed them on the base of my layout. I am going to go 8 1/2 x 11 this time.
Then I mist around the punches randomly. I like to get those little "dots" of color when I mist. Even the distance you hold the mist from the paper can affect the look of your misting-but there is NO wrong way to spray mist!
OK, this is where we get a little wild! :)
Remove the mask you just used (the punched shapes).
Now take the paper you punched FROM and lay that opening over the shape that was left unmisted. Be sure to use another piece of paper to protect your project from over spray, especially since the punched shape will likely be along the edge of the piece of paper! The edge of the paper will ask as a mask if you don't!

Now mist into that punched shape. Don't worry about it being lined up PERFECTLY! That is part of the fun! The colors of the mist are also much brighter this way then layering them on top of one another...This is the result! Fun!!
And here it the layout using this base! Sunny!
Just a note about Imaginisce rub-ons. I know I am a LITTLE bit biased, but I will honestly say these are the BEST rub-ons I have ever used! They are bright, seamless on the paper, and yet before you rub them on, if you accidentally touch another surface, you don't lose the rub-on! They are truly a worthy addition to your embellishments!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my showing you some masking techniques with the fabulous "Splash Dance"! For some reason I feel the urge to go to the pool!!

Have a great day!


Eveline said...

Love the result of the mask technique in the last layout.

sarah said...

stunning masking/misting techniques, penny! :) thanks for sharing with all of us.


meganklauer said...

Very awesome Penny! Love me some mist! :0)

Marfa said...

Penny, I really like the ideas that you showed us. Right now I only have one color of the mist, and I love it. Hopefully I'll be able to purchase some more soon. But you're right, I'm afraid to use sometimes cause I tend to spray A For some reason though, I never thought of spraying first, I always sprayed just before adding my photos. I'll have to try your ideas soon.

Chris Wooten said...

That is beautiful. I heard you can take the pearlx powders and make the mist, is this true. What do you add to the powder, water,etc...

CraftyGirl said...

I love using the mist... thanks for some new, creative ideas!
Barb :)

Kelly Massman said...

I love misting! I got the Splash Dance that I won today! I'm creating as we speak!!! :-)

Brenda said...

Great examples!! I work at a scrapbook store, too, so I hear that as well. You've done a great job of showing that you just don't have to be afraid!!

Sassette said...

Oh I love masking and your projects are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing the misting with the masking technique! I have only recently gotten some of the mists and smooch spritz and can't wait to try my hand at this! I love all the inspiration! Thank you!

Kimmarie Baker said...

Looks Great! Thanks for all the info.


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