Monday, November 22, 2010

So MANY November WINNERS....the most EVER at one time!!

The majority of these prize winners have been from posts starting back at the begging of this month. We are so busy working on new products we never found the time to round up the winners until now. Please read carefully to see if you were one of our lucky winners!!

We had so many winners from last week's launch party and finally figured out who those winners here you go. Hope you're a winner (although everyone that reads our blog is a winner)!

Day 1 Layout Inspiration winner of an Enchanted Collection is: Victoria's Place

Day 2 Enchanted with Roly Rosies winner of an i-bond took, Enchanted Collection, Roly Rosies/pop-up Posies & Petal Roller Tool is: Jayne

Day 3 3D Project Tutorial by Adia winner of an Enchanted Collection is: Jessica

Day 4 Card Inspiration winner of a big box of PINK product is: Kim Thompson

Day 5 Melinda's Jewelry Holder Tutorial winner of an i-top tool, rings & snap daddies is: CraftyGirl (barb)

Day 6 Layout Inspiration winner of an i-rock tool is: Lesabe

Thanks for playing along....Last week OMC posted on their blog that they wanted to know which tools were your favorite, so we of course asked our FB fans to help us out and let them know how much you loved Imaginisce tools. So here's the winner from that giveaway: AMANDA KNIGHT-BODINE

We were fortunate enough to have Kimber feature us on the Scrapbook & Cards Today blog a little over a week ago and they gave us the opportunity to giveaway a subscription to their BEAUTIFUL publication. The lucky winner is: isay
Our very talented Cari Locken posted a great blog post about her beautiful class kit she created with the Apple Cider Collection. She offered to giveaway one of these kits and the lucky winner from her blog is: #63 Jennifer Reynard said...
Absolutely love the beautiful fall colours and enjoy the Indian Summers that we are sometimes blessed with. Love taking walks in the fall as the
air smells so wonderful.
NOVEMBER 13, 2010 11:50 AM

Winner of the Dino-Roar Wall Decor Blog Post: Staci from New Jersey
This one was a big giveaway and included prizes for 3 lucky winners, but since I barely remember creating the post, I figured you all wouldn't remember what it was we were giving away. So here's the list of prizes and the lucky winners:
  1. Watch (all or part) of the i-rock video & leave a comment for entry'll win an i-rock tool & some bling AND some of the Northridge publications! The winner is: EileenMV
  2. Watch (all or part) of the i-top video & leave a comment for entry'll win an i-top tool & some of the new i-top innovations AND some of the Northridge publications.  The winner is: Cindy

  3. Tell your friends to come check out this blog post....we'll pick a winner to get some great Northridge publications and paper products from Imaginisce!! The winner is: Jennifer Reynard

Monday we offered up TWO giveaways on our blog past about the Quilt Market show Imaginisce attended. We'll be shipping out the i-bond tool to the winner of the first giveaway of "which tool are you the most excited about and why" was:  Anna Fearer

And the second question we asked about was do you do anything with sewing, fabric or quilting. The winner will receive an i-top tool and a ton of button daddies. Congrats goes out to: Mandi P

We were excited to have Robyn create a fun video featuring again the fun Dino-roar collection. So the lucky winner of a Dino-roar product set is: DebC

We also picked a winner from our Facebook page as well. Congrats to: Michelle Ann Green

Whew! I think we posted ALL the winners we could find from November. If we haven't already gotten in touch with you (thank you people with emails on their profiles) then be sure to send us an email with your shipping information. Note the contest you won in your subject line too!


Erika said...

Congrats winners!!!

Manhattan Mandie said...

Wow! Congrats to everyone who won!!!!

Sanwanya said...

Wow congrats to all the winners!

pattyb said...

Congrats was a great Nov! Thanks for all the giveaways.

Jade said...

Horray! Congrats everyone!

EileenMV said...

Thank you! I'm so excited!!!

Cari said...

Congrats everyone!!!!

April said...

- April W

Marielle said...

Wowza ! that was a lot of giveaways !! congrats to everyone !!

Shemaine Smith said...


CraftyGirl said...

Yay!!! I am soooo excited! My daughter and I will have so much fun with the new rings and snap daddies!! Thanks for picking me!!
Barb :)

cindy said...

Thank you. I can't wait to receive my I-top. Santa came early this year.

Court said...

Congratulations everyone!!

Ms. Jen said...

That's alotta winners! Thanks Imaginesce! Congrats to all you lucky girlies!

Kim. said...

Congratulations to everyone. I have already received your email and replied to you but once again thank you so much.
Kim xXx

Robin Gibson said...

Congrats to all the lucky winners! Whoo HOO!

Jeanne said...

Congrats everyone! I cannot wait until my goodie box gets here from the giveaway I won too! So fun!


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