Monday, June 13, 2011

Creating Stamped Scenes with Snag 'Em Stamps

Hi, it's Keely here and today I'm going to share a fun way to use your Snag 'em stamps to create a layered picture. I'm a big fan of framed art pieces to decorate my home and one of my favorite projects is to create cute little scenes by combining my favorite stamps. Imaginisce Snag 'Em stamps are just perfect and for this project I used Snag 'Em stamps from the "Berrylicious" collection and "Happy Camper" collection.

First, decide what stamps you will be working with and stamp each image.

Next, cut out your images with a craft knife. These will be used as masks to cover stamped images on your project.

To plan your project, I like to use the stamped transparencies that come with each stamp set. These clear stamped images are great to stack and arrange on your paper to decide where you want your stamps placed. At this point, notice which stamps you want in the front of your design and which will be in the background. This will determine which order you will stamp the images.

When I have decided on a design for my project, I place the transparencies to the side of my project, so I can copy the design. As you can see in this photo, the lemon and cherries are in front of the carton image. You will start stamping the images in the front and then cover these images with the masks you created in the beginning to stamp the images behind. Clear? :)

For example, I have already stamped the sun image. I want part of the bee image behind the sun, so I am covering the stamped sun with the mask and then stamping the bee. When I remove the mask, I will have the bee image next to the sun. I have shielded the sun image from any of those dotted "fly" lines that are stamped on the mask.

Continue to layer those stamped images until you have created your project. I added a dimenional foam dot to the little birdie in the middle. Next, I added Imaginisce patterned paper (Berrylicious and Little Cutie collections), Imaginisce chipboard (Berrylicious collection), Bazzill cardstock, Copic markers, and matted on brown/white polka-dot paper by Echo Park.

You could also try layering similar images, such as trees to create a forest or apples with the saying, "Thanks a bunch". The possibilities are endless. So that's it for today's post - I hope you enjoyed learning a little about layering stamped images and I can't wait to see what you create.


Anonymous said...

You are just so darned talented, Keely! This is just so cute, and a very wonderful way to use these sweet stamps!

Amanda said...

Oh my, your card is absolutely adorable, and thank you so much for the tutorial..

Scrappy Hugs,

Court said...

Fabulous tutorial Keely!!! Really awesome!

Aline Salmon said...

Amazing tutorial!!! It seems so fun!!!!

Larissa Heskett said...

THANKS for sharing!! Have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)


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