Thursday, October 20, 2011

i-space with Shemaine

Hello Imaginisce friends! It's my turn to share my crafty space. Now don't laugh but my space is in the dining room of our Los Angeles apartment.

Living in the city can be tough at times with limited space and the fact that our building is 40+ years old. We have a 3 bedroom apartment and when we moved in our high top dining room table no longer fit in the new dining room. We were using it for storage and I was scrapping out of my daughter's closet (which wasn't really fun) until my husband sweetly suggested I make it over into my space. So I ordered some curtains and got out the Cricut and some vinyl and made it my own.

This bulletin board serves as the place where I hang mementos and some of my photos that I don't end up using go. 

This was an outdoor plant hanger that my sister in law picked up and a yard sale and is perfect to hold my Tim Holtz distress inks, Stickles and variety of stamp pads. This is by far my favorite storage idea.

I love vintage anything and these cute jars were given to me by my Mom. I keep loose flowers in them and my Martha Stewart micro beads. 

Since the building is old it has this cute little cupboard that used to be home to an ironing board. Back in the day many apartments came with an cupboard like this one. A previous tenant must have made some shelves in here which seemed perfect for holding all of my ribbon. I must admit I do have a serious ribbon really?

Here's how I store my i-rock tools and accessories. I picked up this jewelry organizer with a coupon from Michaels. It snaps closes and has grooves to hold each container in place.

I keep all my misc. products in this little cupboard.

So that's a peek into my scrap space. I really love that now when the kids go to sleep I can hang out as long as I like and my hubby is just across the room in his recliner watching T.V. There have been many nights I'll be crafting away until the wee hours and I find him asleep in that chair.

Have a crafty day!


copilarim said...

Owww!!! But you have such great i-space:D! I only have my tiny room :P and beside stuff for crafting i also have to share the room with lots of books:) and lots of other stuff:P
I love your i-space
happy crafting:D


Heather said...

Great use of your space, Shemaine! Love the black/white

Michelle said...

I think your space is wonderful Shemaine. I love the decals you cut. Yes you have a wonderful ribbon collection and stamp/ink pads!! ;) So many pretty colors!

PamS said...

I love what you did with the space that was available to you.

marlene said...

Wow! I love your craft room!!!

McVic said...

great space- TY for showing us how you store your irock!!! I was looking for the perfect solution and you may have just given me one!! TY~!

Chelle said...

That is a pretty cool space. I remember those ironing board cupboards, I lived somewhere that had one.

S.Bayles said...

Wonderful job of using the space. Good luck to everyone.

Lydia said...

Fabulous space Shemaine, Love the photo board so inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us!!

Barbara said...

You have a sweeeet crafty space! I like it!

Hugs XX

Kate said...

Love your space. Mine is in my Kitchen, LOL. Thanks for the idea for the irock containers.


Court said...

What a great space Shemaine!

Liz said...

I wish I knew exactly what the container is that you have your iRock in - it's pretty neat - I still keep the gems in their tubes because I am terrified I will spill them.

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Shemaine, your space is elegant and functional! I love it!!!

Your ribbon collection is awesome and what a great built-in! Love your storage container for the i-rock too!

Marielle said...

love your space !!! it's so neat and well organized !!

ehbost said...

Laugh at what?
This space is gorgeous, well organized, and neat. Love the black and white color scheme. TFS some of your storage techniques.


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