Tuesday, April 10, 2012

i-Space with Mary Ann

We're thrilled to have one of our designers

share her beautiful scrapbook room with you today.
Take your time reading through this picture-filled post ... as there's lots to see!

Hello Imaginisce friends, I'm excited to be sharing with you where I play with paper and glue. My scrapbook studio is actually what use to be the formal dining room in our home. After my husband pointed out that the formal dining room was only used on holidays, and my scrapbook supplies are used every day, the decision to have my studio in there was an easy one!

I store my cricut machine and various punches in the baskets below in this cabinet.

Some of my favorite stamps are stored in this three-tiered basket.

Photo printer and scanner are on this cabinet, camera equipment is stored inside

Paints, mists, glitter and other mixed media supplies are all kept in the cabinet above the printer.

Next in the room is my computer desk. I have two monitors side by side which make surfing the web and photo editing so easy!

Beside my desk is a built in storage area with cabinets below, and nine cubes where I store albums that are currently in progress, cardstock, punches, alphabet stickers separated by color and other miscellaneous supplies.

This cabinet of small drawers is one of my favorite pieces in my studio, it stores my chipboard alphas separated by letter. In the left over drawers are chipboard pieces and extra adhesive.

Older patterned papers are stored in these two towers. I got them for free when a scrapbook store moved!

I keep embellishments in these baskets separated by theme.

I hang layouts before putting them into albums. This is a curtain rod mounted to the wall, then drapery rings to attach the layouts. I like being able to see the layouts before they are hidden away in albums.

The island/storage table is in the middle of the room and is 42" tall since I like to stand when I scrapbook. I have tall chairs for when friends come to crop.

My studio has two walls with windows. Natural lighting is perfect for scrapbooking although it's not always the best for taking pictures of the room ;)

My husband built everything in the studio except for the shelf unit that the embellishment baskets are in, and the 2 paper storage towers. I am so grateful he supports my hobby. Right now my patterned papers (the new stuff) is in the island, separated into Cropper Hopper paper holders, he's working on storage for them ;)

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my creative space, I love having my own little place where I play with paper and glue!


Caryn S said...

I am incredibly jealous of your amazingly AMAZING craft space!! I am after my husband to build me craft storage for my "area" in the basement but thus far no go (and it has been almost 13 years!). To be fair he did just finish doing wood floors in my house and promises to do my craft space next (the boxes are threatening his fun space so maybe that is an incentive!) but I am going to show him your pics and maybe get him in gear! Thanks for sharing, there are a lot of good ideas in your room!

Guiseppa said...

Mary Ann...your space is so gorgeous! I am so jealous! I would love to have the space you lovely and well decorated!

Regina Mangum said...

I love your craft space Mary Ann! It's so bright and cheery and I love the baskets...your display of layouts is fabulous! XOXO

Diana Fisher said...

I love the hanging layouts! Great space!!

julie e said...

Great room. I use my formal dining room spacea lso, but my husband claims part of it for his office. He's making noises about moving me to the basement lately, but maybe he'll move instead?

scrappymo! said...

Wonderful room...You have some great organization...and I love the white milkglass/hobnail glass vase as a container.
Thanks for showing us your pretty room!

Court said...

What a great space! Thanks for sharing! :)

Shellye said...

What a lovely spot to create! The lighting looks perfect and I love all of your vintage collections sitting about...looks very inviting!

Mandy said...

what a lovely space!

Adora Concepcion said...

what an AWESOME space to create!!! WOW!

lessie pfeiffer said...


Anonymous said...

Your craft space is amazing! I love how you made the most out of the space in your computer desks, with those two monitors. I wish my crafting space is as organized as yours.


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