Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Card Corner

As we mentioned yesterday a few of our designers were given the challenge to create a card using any Imaginisce collection of their choice and use the Roly Rosies as well.

So today we're back with super cute card by designer,
Shellye McDaniel.

Harkening back to the Owl Card that I made a few months ago, I decided to once again use Roly Rosies in an unconventional way and fashion them as the eyes for my jack 'o lantern!

I started with a 4" circle and hand-cut leaves (I free-handed these, but svg files or punches could also be used) as the body of the pumpkin.

For the 'stem', I cut a small portion from one of the Neutral Roly Rosies. After rolling and securing the medium-sized Roly Rosies (black), I punched a small circle that I then embellished with an even smaller glittered circle for the eyes.

Adding adhesive from the POGO Dispenser is an easy way to adhere the circle to the center of each bloom. Lastly, I cut a some-what skewed rectangle to create the nose.

Supply List: Makin' Waves: Surf's Up 12x12 Paper, Fish 12x12 Paper; Monster Mash: Fall Medley 12x12 Paper, Pick of the Patch 12x12 Paper and Magic Words 5 x 12 Sticker Stacker; Roly Rosies - Neutrals; Tools: Hybrid Petal Roller, POGO Adhesive Dispenser and Colored Foam Tape - White


Shellye, that is just so fun!
Thanks for sharing.

We'd love to see how you use the Roly Rosies on a card so please feel free to share your creations with us on our Facebook page or add a link to your post here on our blog.


Big Mamma~ a.k.a. Mary S said...

Ohhhh I love it.. Made me laugh. Great way to use the rosies.

JAVAGIRL said...

Bery cute

Dorina D said...

Very clever use of the rosies.


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