Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kids Crafts with Diana & Aimee

Do you have small children at home? Are you in need of some ideas for those rainy or really cold winter days?

Well then it's a good thing you've joined us today.  We are sharing some fabulous ideas this week for creating projects with your kids.

Today we have design team members Diana & Aimee sharing some great ideas with us.

"Ball in a Cup" Game

Our kids sometimes need to go back to the basic and practice those fine motor skills they'll need to development. We like to joke about the older toys from our past as they compare to the new gadgets kids have now, but those simple toys are sometimes exactly the exercise and thinking they need. Here is how I made a "ball in a cup" toy for my 7-year-old son — and he loved it!

Step 1: Cut a cylinder shape using your die cut tool or by hand. Make sure it has a bottom circle to close up the base of the cylinder.

Step 2: I used an unsharpened pencil for the handle, so I traced the end of it onto the circle and then cut it using the Imaginisce Clicut tool.

Step 3: Adhere the base and the handle to the cylinder. I also added some twine to hide the glue and and use for the string. Make sure it it long enough to toss around the "ball." Allow the glue to dry and set aside.

Step 4: Get your i-top tool and put the large ends on. Using a large button daddy, make what will be the ball for your ball in a cup toy.

Step 5. Thread the end of the twine from the cup and tie a knot. Your project is finished! If the glue is dry, give it to your kids and watch them get competitive!

SUPPLIES: Imaginisce tools: i-Top, Clicut, Large Brad Daddy. Imaginisce paper: Outdoor Adventure (pattern paper, Sticker Icons, 3-D Stickers). The Twinery (denim), Beacon adhesive, a wooden pencil

Flower bling skirt purse
I love doing crafts with my kids especially my girl! For my kids craft project I knew I wanted to get the I-Rock out and bling something up! I was walking through the craft aisle at Wal-Mart and came across these fabulous mini skirt purses. I thought "how perfect!". 

So I brought them home and pulled out my supplies. Here you can see I brought out my I-Rock and my I-Top tool along with some bling, a template, and a Button Daddy.

Then my girl and I set out to decorate her little purse. The I-Rock tool is so easy to use! I showed her one time and she took it up right away. Using the template we made our flower. Once that was done we used the I-Top template to cut out a piece of fabric to create the button and sewed it on for the center of our bling flower

And here she is ..sporting her newly created fashion accessory. Isn't she (and her purse) just the cutest?!?!

Imaginisce Products Used: I-Rock tool, Hot Rocks, I-Rock template, Lighted Tweezers, I-Top tool, 16mm Button Daddy


Stop by tomorrow for more KIDS CRAFTS inspiration!


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful and so creative!

Aimee Kidd said...

Love your ball-in-the-cup Diana!! It looks like so much fun!!

mommyof5kidz said...

Love these! Thanks for the inspiration!


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