Monday, December 23, 2013

Pinterest Holiday Decor

Today we wanted to share with you some amazing decorating ideas that we found on Pinterest.  There's so many great ideas out there and a variety of ways to use paper. We want to share just a few of the ones that we found.

Children of all ages love to create snowflakes and what a great idea to create a bunch of these in beautiful patterned papers and hang them up in a corner of a room.

Garlands & banners are always a perfect way to add some fun to a space.

This project, I'm sure, would take some time but what an incredible WOW factor it gives!

There are so many great wreath ideas out there.  Decorating your entry way with a handmade creation is always a wonderful way to welcome your guests during the holidays.

Christmas trees made from paper always make a great centrepiece.

Maybe you found some ideas today that you'll want to create for you holiday this year. You still have time to create and add some personal touches.

Have a wonderful day!

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Wow. I love this decoration and really it's wonderful decoration for the Christmas....Merry Christmas.

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