Thursday, April 11, 2013

i-bond Extravaganze - Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of our special i-bond feature.

Looking at the beautiful projects this past week just makes us want to sit in our craft rooms all day long.

Our designers have mentioned many times over how much they love this hand little tool. One of their No. 1 reasons is because it's so light & easy to use.

Would you like to see some more creations?
Ok, let's see what we have today.

Ric Rac Rings

I love the I Bond, especially because it's cordless, small and I can take it anywhere.  Today I want to show you a fun way to use your I Bond, Snap Rings and Snap Daddies...making rings!  Those  are your supplies.  Make sure you have some ric rac, 2 strips each measuring about 21 inches.  In this tutorial, I made 2 rings, different sizes of ric rack for two different looks.

First off  braid the ric rac together until you get to the end.

After it is all braided, secure the end with hot glue from the I Bond.

Next you will want to start rolling your ric times adding a dab of glue to hold the ric rac together.  Can you see what is forming?  A little rose bud.

This is what it should look like when it is finished.  

I also made another one using larger ric rac and two colors...just for a different look.  When I was done make the bud, I folded some of the ric rac back to make it look more rose like.  I then attached it to a Snap Daddie and Snap Ring...voila!  I did not use the top part of the Snap Daddie because I just want to glue the rose straight to the bottom part of the Snap Daddie.

Now, I have to cute and different looking ric rac rose flower rings.  I added a little bling to my pink one using some I Rocks and the I Rock tool.  It's so nice that I can interchange these roses on the Snap Ring because it snaps off.

Imaginisce Supplies: I Bond, I Rock, I Rocks, Snap Daddie Rings, Medium Snap Daddies, Large Snap Daddies

iBond Project - Felt & Fabric Flowers

I can not express how handy it is to have a cordless hot glue fun!  I can use it anywhere in my craft room!  I don't have to bring my supplies and project to my glue gun, my glue gun comes to me!   I use my iBond the most when it comes to fabric and felt, glue dots and regular adhesive just won't do, it has to be hot glue!  

I used the Twist Aligator Clips with the iTop to create these cute little hair clips with my felt and fabric flowers.  

 I used the iBond to hold my flower layers together, it holds the layers together great and there is no 'wet spot' seeping through the layers. I just love how you can inter change the flowers on the same clip!  What a great gift for a little girl! 

Supplies: Imaginisce: Twist Daddies, 16 and 22, Twist Aligator Clip, iTop, iBond
Other: Felt, Fabric

Altered Letter "M"

Just in time for my nieces birthday,  I created this project for her.  One of the most important and overall useful tools on all kinds of project is a heat gun, not just any heat gun - Imaginisce I-bond. Besides the color :),  I love that it's cordless and has the built in guide light. There is no other adhesive that will work well with this project. I used it to adhere all the buttons on this wooden shape letter "M", it's easy to use and you know that it's pretty secure. :)

I laid out the embellishments (buttons) first to see the overall look, then adhere everything in place with glue gun.

Supplies used: Imaginisce Love You More Collection and  Imaginisce I-Bond.
Other Supplies: Letter-M purchased at Joanne Fabrics Store


Bet you'd like to win an i-bond of your own to play with wouldn't you?!

Well, now's your chance!
All you have to do is leave us a comment on each post this week.
We will randomly select a winner and they will win an i-bond Glue Gun & some glue sticks.
(winner will be announced Sat., April 13th here on our blog)

Please join us again tomorrow for more i-bond inspiration!


Kathy S. said...

Wow! Such great projects. So unique and creative! Thanks for sharing.

Sara Zenger said...

Great ideas for the rings! That 'M' is beautiful! You have given me some great ideas girls! THank you!

mitch1066 said...

ahh flowers,a great spring project.Thanks for sharing.Today im using hot glue to repair a lampshade thats been abused by the cats lol.

Mary Pat Siehl said...

totally awesome ladies!!

Unknown said...

These days are being so estimulating. I love all the projects the design team are producing.
huge inspiration....tks

Sherry Ann said...

Love these ideas.

Pam W. said...

Great ideas again!!

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Wonderful projects ladies!!! (Please exclude me from the giveaway -- I have and LOVE my I-Bond!!!)

Miriam Prantner said...

Very cool projects! Some great ideas here!

StefanieH said...

OMG these are so cute. love the ric rac rings and the flower clips. Great ideas.

Natasha Johnson said...

i love that letter M. so cute and girly... oh, and now i must find some ric rac to make cute little rosettes!

sharon g said...

What a cute flower. I'll have to make some for my niece.

Melissa said...

Very clever projects today.

Romy said...

Wow, such fabulous projects!

Jackie Plank said...

Oh I love all of these ideas.. giving me ideas all of my own.

Natasha G.P. said...

I have a bunch of ric rac. I'm going to try that.

Amy Martin said...

Beautiful projects. I love these idea's. I am going to use a few of them myself. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Jean Bullock said...

Really great tutorial. Thanks!

Sue D said...

Fun projects today!

Robin B. said...

Cute projects today, thanks for sharing!

Else49 said...

Nice projects again today. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Unknown said...

The rick rack ring and the hair are great ideas. I like the idea of knowing that the glue doesn't seep through the felt/cloth layers! That's a big one for me! Thanks for sharing!

Venus and Luanne @ Sisters Craft Cafe said...

Very pretty projects! love the felted flowers.

Carol said...

Wow! Very unique ideas!

Carol B


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