Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rockin' the i-rock with Jennie

Today design team member Jennie McGarvey shares 3 fabulous cards.

Hello!  I am happy to share with you 3 cards I made using the iRock tool!  This tool is so easy to use and makes it fun to add a bit of sparkle or interest to any project.  I love using both crystals and hot rocks on my projects, but I do find myself reaching for the hot rocks often.  

For this first card, I knew that I wanted to mimic the effect of splatters on my card.  So, after I stitched it, I went to town sprinkling the hot rocks.  Once I was happy with where they landed, I used the iRock to set them on the page.  VERY easy and cute!

For the star card -- I knew that the crystals would be the perfect accent to add  a little bit of interest to the speech bubble and star.  Stars just need a bit of sparkle!

And the last card, I wanted the heart to be the message.  So, adding one lone hot rock really draws you in, reinforcing the cards message!

i Rock tool
Hot Rocks Crystals
Hot Rocks Jewel Compact

Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories (Camera)

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