Tuesday, December 16, 2014

All Wrapped up from the North Pole!

Check out these fabulous gift wrapping ideas!

Hello Imaginisce fans!

We are getting down to the wire on Christmas now as it’s going to be here in a little over a week!  
I am an early shopper, and a subsequent early wrapper – I like to leave myself plenty of time to enjoy the season and without all the crazy.  But this year I added some extra on to myself as I wanted to crafty-wrap as many of my packages as possible.

I’m big on the whole re-use, re-purpose, upcycle, recycle thing and because I have an abundance of patterned paper from my papercrafting hobby, it was so easy to just use a sheet of patterned paper as you would a sheet of “real” wrapping paper.  The only difference really is the weight, so I made sure to use good tape, and add an extra strip or two.

The Home for Christmas collection from Pebbles is great because it’s so bold, and it’s got a lot of black in it.  
This next gift is for a fella I work with.  It’s wrapping is crafty, but because of the black, it’s not so girly.

Using the patterned paper and coordinating pieces from a collection for gift wrapping makes quick work.  Just pop on over to your craft table with a gift or two and you can wrap, and layer ephemera and get a couple of gifts knocked out in no time – and with that added personal touch as well.

I hope you’re enjoying the most wonderful time of the year!
Supply List -  
Pebbles:  Home for Christmas patterned paper, cardstock stickers, envelope seals, cardstock die-cut shapes
American Crafts:  Glittered clothespin
Imaginisce:  Buttons

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