Thursday, November 5, 2009

Magnetized Fun!!

I've been told that *magnets* are hot for crafting now days...although I've been creating magnets of all sorts over the years. But one of our talented designers Amy had fun playing with magnets and our Let's Roll Collection. Below each image she explains how she incorporated the magnets.
I first adhered the Compact Vinyl Sticker to white cardstock and trimmed around it. Then I created two car wheels using the large brad daddies and iTop Tool. But instead of adding the brad "back" to the top, I hot glued in a large magnet. I then glued it onto vinyl sticker to hold in place and there's my cute magnetic card sticker.
This cute frame I found at the dollar store (or Walmart) and it fits a 4x6 photograph. But I thought it would be cuter to scrapbook a mini background and add a smaller photo. All you do is slide it into place, tie the Speedy Ribbon around the frame and placed a Speed Bump Sticker Puff just above the ribbon.

I had a little help with these 9 year old thought he should help me out. So we took the Go! Go! Go! Chipboard Stickers and stuck them to a magnet sheet we purchased at a local craft store. My son trimmed around the cards and I decided it would be faster to cut around the frame using my xacto knife.

Hope you enjoyed my ideas! Amy


Emily said...

I love this idea! It's so cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

Penny Smith said...

Cute idea! Love the wheels!

Julie Bonner said...

What fabulous ideas - thanks for sharing :)

Leticia Seki said...

So cute! I love it!
Thanks :D

Liz said...

Thank you for sharing such great ideas. Love the little wheels on the magnet clever and fun.

SnapWhiz said...

This is so cute! I love those wheels!! I so need to get me one of the I Toppers!


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