Thursday, June 9, 2011

Join us at CK Scrap and Play - June 17 and 18

So they had me at "free spa services"...but there are so many more reasons to attend CK Scrap & Play next weekend with our Imaginisce team. 

1. It's a great value...even the hotel rooms are priced right and it's tucked away in the beautiful Midway valley (which is gorgeous). 

2. The staff and teachers ROCK! And a great treat, Lori Allred has agreed to come back and teach and she's loaded up her supply boxes with giveaways and a great class featuring Berrylicious. Lori will even be staying for the whole event so you'll have access to her and her team and even our tools!

3. They have a "candy bar"...need I say more?

4. Lots of scrapping space and they lock up the room at night so you can leave your supplies for the next day.

So gather up a few of your friends, book a room and run away with us on the 17th. You can't tell me you don't need a "summer break" too, right?!

Here's more info about  CK Scrap & Play...
We'll also be at the Boise event in August too!!


cjknick said...

I'll be at the Boise event! Cant' wait! :)

mommyof5kidz said...

Wish you were coming to CK in Texas!!! Have fun everyone!


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