Tuesday, July 31, 2012

i-Space with Abby

We're back again today with another fun room to share with you. This time we have Design Team member, Abby Laubenstein, sharing her room with us.


Hi crafty friends! I'm so happy to be sharing my work area with you. In a perfect world, I would have a big beautiful scraproom with all the pretties, bells and whistles. It's my dream to someday have my own craft room to get away, relax and do what I love with paper and glue. But reality is, I live in a small apartment with little space for anything. Maybe some of you can relate to my limited space dilemma? But I'm proud to say I was able to put together my scrap space within a 6ft x 5.5ft area in the corner of my livingroom. It's quite compact and stuffed, but not too shabby.. it works for me! :)

Against the only wall is where I keep stacked drawers and shelves that are completely filled with cardstock, tools, embellishments, stamps, inks, embossing supplies etc.

I rarely ever use my scanner, so on top of my printer is where I keep a caddy of some Imaginisce tools. I love how all my i-Top, i-Rock and d-stress tools and accessories fit so perfectly in there!

Underneath my desk, I have 2 shelf/drawer towers on each side of my chair. I put all of my loose patterned paper in 2gal Ziploc bags below with coordinating embellishments in the drawers above. I have pets and the bags help keep pet dander off my paper, and also, they help in organizing my paper by manufacturer, color, theme etc.

There isn't sufficient lighting in this area of the room and it can get pretty dim, so I installed some lights under each side of my desk so I can easily see and locate my supplies. At the right side of my chair, I keep most of my Imaginisce paper collections and supplies.. like my i-Magicut, i-Bond, sticker stackers, chipboard, diecuts, etc. I like it all there in one place because it's so easy for me to grab anything and everything I need. I was a HUGE fan of Imaginisce way before joining the team, so these drawers are jam packed with many many great Imaginisce collections! :)

On top of my desk is where I keep my pens, markers, scissors, sewing floss, buttons etc and awesome Imaginisce tools.

Well, that's pretty much the entire tour ;) As you can see, it is a bit cramped.. but, what I love most about having a small space is that everything is in reach. My computer is near for inspiration, all of my supplies and tools are either right beside me or directly behind me, and I have enough elbow room to create and make messes :) I also have a little bit of wall space to display some of my favorite projects.

Having a small space isn't so bad after all :) If you have a small work area like mine, I'd love if you shared it with me in comments. I'm always looking for suggestions on how to maximize my space even more :)

Thanks for letting me share with you!


Guiseppa said...

I love your little space Abby!

Diana Fisher said...

I love the organization in your space!! :)


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