Monday, July 30, 2012

i-Space with Ilene

It's always a treat to get a glimpse into designers creative spaces. Some have big rooms while others have a closet or a kitchen table. Whatever space it is it becomes a place where we are left to create and bring papers, embellishments and photos to life! It's our little oasis.

Today we are thrilled to have Ilene share her space with us. Take it away Ilene!!


I'm lucky enough to have a whole scraproom to myself, and I love that I can get all my stuff out and leave it overnight (or more ;) if need be. The previous owners of our house put a 2-story addition on, and my scraproom is on the 2nd floor of the addition. You enter it through our bedroom, and I think it was meant to be a little "sitting room". There's a skylight, and windows on all three walls - double windows on either side and a triple window on the front. So it's a very sunny and bright room.

This is what you see when you enter through the doors that connect it to the bedroom. I recently removed a lounge chair and rearranged things to be able to add the kids' table and two chairs. I cleared off some storage space for all their art supplies, so now they can always come and join me so we can craft together. I also have a hanging embellishment center from Making Memories. On the floor, you can see a couple paper storage units and two Renee Clip-It-Ups on them - I love these for hanging my letter, rub-ons, stickers, etc. The lamp is a metal torchiere that you touch to turn on. As such, it's magnetic and the perfect way to store all my mini-movers and shakers dies. I kept the furniture light, for the most part, and the floor is light wood, and the walls a pale lavender. With all the natural light, it makes the room a pretty bright and peaceful place.

This is the table I scrap on. It's a really big fold-able party table that I covered it with a lavender sheet. I have a Making Memories table caddy where I keep markers, paint brushes, scissors, etc, within easy reach. I keep a desk calendar there to scrap on, and when it gets old, I simply rip off the top sheet. I also have my cutting mats there (the cute pink one is my adorable Imaginisce cutting mat :) I also recently got an Ott Light (found it at a Tuesday Morning for a great price), and I love how well it works and how little space it takes up. It's especially great for coloring with Copics at night.

This is actually a baker's rack that used to be in the kitchen in our old house. It has a really great stainless steel top, which is a perfect surface for more artsy, dirty type of work. I keep a non-stick craft sheet on it for heat embossing, misting, etc. I keep all my art supplies on the rack - you can see my mists, mediums, penicls, markers, paints, and such here. In the little plastic baskets I have my collection of 6"x6" paper pads.

This tower is from Ikea and I got it specifically for all my embellishments. It's very tall (a good deal thaller than me!) and the plastic baskets are relatively shallow but longer than 12" so they are absolutely perfect for storing scrapbook supplies. I have more letter sticker here, as well as trims, flowers, Christmas-themed and Halloween-themed embellishments, adhesives, and metal embellishments. As far as furniture goes, this was very reasonably priced and easy to assemble. Next to it is a little vintage-looking storage center where I keep all my mini albums waiting to be altered - I have amassed a very respectable collection :) And next to that (you can see a little of it) is a shabby-chic looking little white table.

When you walk in the room, on either side of the double doors, I have put a bookcase. These used to be in our office in our old house and when we moved here, I decided to make good use of them, even though they didn't quite match. But they're nice and spacious. This is one of them, and you can see how much stuff it fits. I have brads and all my punches on one shelf. On the top shelf, all the way to the right are two purple photo boxes. I store all my I-Rock supplies in one, and all my I-Top supplies in the other. My dies are in this bookcase, as well as 8.5"x11" cardstock, and much more. The 2nd bookcase is identical to this one, and in that one I store my stamp binders, my kids' art and scrapbooking supplies, and much more.


Thanks so much Ilene for sharing your creative space with us.
We loved seeing where you work and creative your beautiful pieces of artwork.

Join us again tomorrow as we peek into another designer's crafty room!


Court said...

I love seeing other's crafty spaces! Thanks for sharing Ilene!

Guiseppa said...

Love your space!

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Wow, check out all that natural light and space!!! Love it!

Adora Concepcion said...

what a great space you have Ilene!! so organize - love it!

Michelle Jadaa said...

oooh love the ikea tower,will have to look for one.

Diana Fisher said...

Love the natural light you have in your space! :)

rosecy said...

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