Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Decor with Adora Concepcion

We hope that you've enjoyed the beautiful projects that some of our design team members have shared this past week.

We've got one more for you today and is has been created by 
Adora Concepcion.


Handmade ornaments are so much fun to make and it gives your tree your own personal touch. I love that! Making your own decorations add a little extra delight to the season. I created these ornament with a paper-folding technique. And, what a wonderful paper collection to use -"Christmas Cheer".

How to create:

1. Fold square diagonally both ways; unfold. Fold in half top to bottom; unfold. 
Then fold down to bottom corner to make a triangle.

2. Push left and right corner inward, making reverse folds and bringing the top corner down to form a diamond.

3.  Each side point has two layers. Fold the right and left point of the top layer to the center.

4. After making eight folded pieces interlock them as follows: slip left point of the bottom layer of one folded piece under the top layer of adjacent folded piece. repeat with all eight folded pieces. Dot glue in folds to secure.

Supplies: Eight 2 1/2 Squares of Christmas Cheer Papers, ribbon and white craft glue.


Guiseppa said...

I love these stars! Thanks for sharing this!

donlambson said...

these are a great decoration idea!


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