Thursday, July 11, 2013

The I-Top & Pot Holders

We have another fabulous project to share with you today using the i-Top tool created by ...

I am not great with a sewing machine but I really do love little sewing projects!  I have a really simple one to share with you today that includes no ironing and its even easier with several tools from Imaginisce!

Pocket Pot Holder

Lets get started! 

1)  You need: 2 Coordinating Fabrics, Pot Holder, iTop, Extra Large Button Daddies and 34 MM Tracing Template.

I found this great fabric set that coordinated (I only used 2 patterns).  I purchased these pot holders at the dollar store - no need to do all the work when you can buy a blank pot holder and then just make it pretty!  I am using 1 Extra Large Button Daddie. 

2) Measure your pot holder and cut the pocket fabric to the same size using your Imaginisce cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter.


3) Fold the top of of your pocket fabric down one inch and then fold one more inch and pin.

4) Sew the folded fabric down with a 1/4 inch seem to create a nice neat top to your pocket.

5) Now fold both sides and bottom under and pin, sew the the sides and bottom with a 1/4 inch seam.

6) Now you have created your pocket we need to add our accent Button Daddie. 

7) Using tracing template trace on the fabric the area you want on your button. Cut it out.

8) Us your iTop and Button Daddie to create your custom button.

9) Sew your Button Daddie on and you are done!

Supplies: Imaginisce i-top tool, extra large Brad Daddy, 34mm stencil, CutBright Rotary cutter, Acrylic Ruler
Other: 2 coordinating fabrics,  pot holders, thread, sewing machine,


Thanks for stopping by today.
We hope that you've enjoyed the creations this past week.

Join us tomorrow as we share our i-Spy Feature!


ionabunny said...

This is really pretty. I am not great with the sewing machine but even I could do this. I think. Thanks for the ideas with the i-top. It is such a fun tool.

Anonymous said...

Sara...this is such a fun project. Very creative!

Monique Liedtke said...

What a great idea! Love this!!


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