Monday, April 21, 2014

Repurposing Theme Lines for Everyday

Has this happened to you?
You see a collection that you absolutely adore but think you can't use it because the theme just doesn't fit with your photos?  For example a baby themed collection doesn't really go with vacation photos right?

Well, we challenged our design team to think outside the box.  We asked them to repurpose a collection for Everyday.
You'll love what they've come up with so we hope you'll join us this week on the blog for a ton of inspiration!


Cupcake Flags

Hello Imaginisce fans!
I’m back this week with repurposed theme lines for every day.
Now I don’t know about you, but getting the kids fed, cleaned, dressed and on the bus for school every morning is like the biggest, longest, craziest, most stressful circus ever.  Ever ever.  So I’ve started baking breakfast muffins for the week on Sunday nights to shave time off of having to cook or wait for cereal to get soggy enough to eat.  My son.  Really?  Yes.  And these breakfast muffins have pretty much whatever I feel like tossing in -

(apple, banana, pumpkin, oatmeal, eggs, milk)
- they don’t rise that much, and they don’t look pretty pretty like a “real” cupcake.  So I figured decorating them a bit would make them more fun and appealing to the eye.
I took a few supplies from Imaginisce’s My Baby collection and cut down some straws and paper strips until I had some little flag bases

Then I stamped a fun sentiment on coordinating paper strips, added some bling and tied them off with some baker’s twine.

And put them out for the littles to gobble them up for breakfast.

Supply List:
Imaginisce:  Patterned Paper & Adhesive Gems (My Baby – Sweet Baby Girl)
American Crafts:  Baker’s Twine; stamp

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