Thursday, September 4, 2014

Feathers & Fall

We love this stunning card that Katrina is sharing today. Check out those feathers!

Fall is In The Air Card

Ok, I am going to admit it.  I don't like summer all that much.  Too hot and humid here, plus the fact I don't like to sweat!  BUT give me Fall and I am a happy girl.  

It's hard to think of fall with pinks, blues, purples, etc, but use techniques to your advantage when you are thinking outside the box.

I decided that I wanted feathers instead of leaves, but to give them a fall feel I embossed the ends in various shades of golds.  I have a few step out photos of how to do this.  And this would work with anything!

1. Cut your feather or object out.  I used my Silhouette, but you could also hand cut.

2. Place the area you want to emboss into an embossing pad and press it down.  You could also tap the embossing pad on your object, but I get better coverage when I press the object into the pad versus tapping the pad on it.  

3. Benefit of a tinted embossing pad, is that you can see exactly where you have coverage.

4. Dump embossing powder onto the area that is covered and then heat with an embossing gun.  If there isn't enough coverage, you can add another layer of embossing power and heat again.  

And like magic, you have a fun embellishment to add to your project.  I used 3 different colors of embossing power, one for each feather.  

I used the I-Rock to embellish my card a little further.  This is so fun to use.  Place your gems where you want them to be and then heat your I-Rock tool and place it on top of your gem.  The heat transfers thru to melt the glue on the back of the gem.  

It took me no time at all to place all of the gems on my card.

So, have some fun creating fall cards for teachers, friends and neighbors.  And even those grown up kids that you have shuffled off to college.  I am learning they LOVE mail!!!

Imaginisce-Pattern Paper (Welcome Spring, Bushels O'Fall);  I-Rock tool and gems
American Crafts-Cardstock, Glitter Tape, Twine

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TracyM #6773 said...

DELIGHTFUL card Katrina - LOVE your pretty feathers, the embossing at the ends looks BEAUTIFUL with the gems!!!


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