Thursday, January 5, 2012

Introducing ...

Throughout the month of January we will be introducing
our 2012 Design Team members to you.
You will enjoy getting to know them as they share 5 interesting facts about themselves and 1 secret that no one else knows .... (that is, until now!)

Today we would like to introduce to you ....

  1. My name is from a Danish grandmother but is originally Italian. My Grandmother's Father was a painter and once painted an Italian lady by the name of Guiseppa. We think he might have a had a crush on her because he named all of his children with the middle name of Guiseppa including the boys!
  2. My family and I enjoy college football. I have had season tickets to the BYU Cougars football games for the last 8 years. I enjoy going to the games with my family.
  3. I enjoy spending time outdoors. Our family usually has 5-6 camp-outs a year. This allows us to spend a couple of weeks every year in the mountains. We like to hike, fish and ride 4-wheelers.
  4. A few years ago I decided I wanted to be more healthy and set out to lose weight. I was successful and lost 65 pounds. I have managed to mantain my new weight for over two years.
  5. I carry a rare genetic disease gene called SCIDS, othewise known as "The Bubble Boy Disease". The disease is recessive in me, but can be passed to my children. I didn't know I was a carrier until I had my third child. He was a dominate carrier of the gene and passed away when he was three.
Fact that nobody else knows:
Ok .... I am a little obsessive compulsive, but I would like to think that everybody has a little bit of that in them. I find myself rotating my underwear, dish towels, dish cloths, towels and things that are commonly used a lot just so they all get even wear. Weird, I know, but I think there are probably worse things to be obsessive about.


Thanks Guiseppa for sharing a little bit about yourself! How funny that your Grandpa passed that name to all of his children! And way to go with the weight loss girl - that's awesome!
We're very excited to have you join our 2012 team and look forward to your work.

You can follow Guiseppa and see more of her beautiful work on her blog.

Join us again tomorrow and the rest of this week as we introduce a few more of our 2012 team!


Laurie! said...

Yay, Seppa!!

Melinda said...

Love Guiseppa and her creativity!

Heather said...

Welcome to the team, Guiseppa!

Regina Mangum said...

I'm so excited to be on the team with you, Guiseppa! Thanks for sharing with us. XOXO

Adora Concepcion said...

nice to meet you Guiseppa! i'm inspired with your weight loss, that's awesome.

Gisèle said...

Yeah Seppa (((hugs)))
PS, I also rotate face cloths too LOL

Shellye said...

So nice getting to know you :) It's amazing what you can learn about a person in just five facts! I too rotate washcloths and dishtowels...but I also have to have the folds going in the same direction (you probably do too?)...ahhhhh!

Kristine Berc said...

I love Guiseppa!

Cari said...

Loved learning more about you Guiseppa! And Shellye I have the folds all the same way too!

Rhonda Van Ginkel said...

Welcome Guiseppa! Love your name!!! It's wonderful to get to know you a bit more!

Welcome to the Imaginisce Design Team!

Tiffany Hood said...

Wow!! I lost 20 pounds this year and thought that was hard work. You're truly inspiring! (and super creative, too). Nice to meet you!

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Hi Seppa!!!
Glad I get to know even more about you :)
Looking forward to this year with you!


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