Monday, May 13, 2013

i-Top Feature Week - Day 1

If you haven't seen our i-top tool before than you've picked the perfect day to stop by our blog!
Today & for the next few days we are featuring our i-top tool.  This tool creates so many wonderful & fun accents that can be used for a wide variety of crafts.

Today some of our designers are going to share projects with you that focus on the I-top Hair Accessories.

The Twist Daddies come in 3 different sizes (16mm, 22mm, and 28mm).

Twist Daddies
They are used alongside with the Headbands and ...

... the Alligator Clips.

We also have some Bobby Pins that can be used with ...
... the Snap Daddies. These also come in a variety of sizes (from 16mm, 22, and 28mm)

So let's take a look and see what some of our designers have created using these fun accessories!

Hair Elastics

I have always thought that the Button Daddies would be perfect to attach to some hair elastics.  This was so easy to do.  I threaded the elastic through the holes on the back of the Button Daddies and slipped the elastic loops through each other so it would stay attached to the Button Daddie.  These are way cuter than those plastic bubble elastics you can buy in the store.  I made a box to put them in because I plan on giving them away as a gift.

Imaginisce Supplies: 22mm, 28mm and 34mm Button Daddies, Love You More Patterned Paper and Sticker

Interchangeable Felt and Ribbon Flowers

Those of you have seen my work or know me know that I have a girly girl. I have a young lady who LOVES all things pretty and frilly. Along those lines, I used the i-Top and Twist Daddies to create some interchangeable hair pieces which my daughter can mix and match as she pleases. Some days, a hair clip is more fitting than a head band. Why be limited? With the ability to screw and un-screw the flowers, she has the flexibility to satisfy each and every desire! In regards to her hair needs, anyway!

Gather your materials:
- wool felt
- iTop
- button Daddies, medium
- Twist Daddies, medium
- glue
- fabric scissors
- tulle
- yarn
1.            Cut the wool felt  so that you have a rectangle approximately 9 inches long and 3-4 inches wide.

2.            Place fabric glue along one edge and fold the wool over.

3.            Use your fabric scissors to cut down (but not all the way) strips into the folded edge. Don't go too wide or too narrow. I went about a quarter of an inch wide.

4.            Layer your tulle then wind your ribbon. If you'd like, you can glue this. It didn't stick well with the glue I was using so I used the sewing machine to stitch it down.

5.            Apply another line of glue at the edge, on top of the tulle and ribbon.

6.            Begin rolling, keeping the bottom edges even and aligned.

7.            In order to make things more secure, I put a few stitches using DMC floss to secure everything.

8.            Use glue gun to adhere a button made using your i-Top to the front center.

9.            Flip over and use your glue gun to adhere the backing of a Twist Daddy to the back of the flower.

10.          Voila! Interchangeable headband and Alligator Clip flowers!

Hair Accessories

I'm lucky enough to have a daughter with beautiful long hair. I created these accessories with her in my mind. The owl is made with felt. I just hand drew the shape, cut it, drew 2 circles and cut those too and created the eyes with my I-Top tool and the small sized buttons.

The inspiration for the bow I found on Pinterest: I gave it a bit of a twist by adding the large I-Top button.

Love the result. Thanks for drawing me out of my comfort zone :).  
Supplies: I-Top tool, Button Daddies small (owl) and large (bow). Fabric: misc.

With a little girl in the house, hair accessories are a MUST!  So it was an easy choice to design one for this month's I-top project.  Since my daughter LOVES pink I went with the Love You More Collection and some pink tulle to make up this cute I-top Bobby Pin.

I began with the the Medium Paper Punch and I top tool to make the bobby pin.

I then took strips of paper and glued them around the backside of the bobby pin accessory.

Once the glue cooled, the took some pink tulle and bunched it in a flower, pom pom type shape and tied the middle of it with twine.  Then I glued that behind the paper strips.

For that extra sparkle I love so much, I used the I-rock to adhere hot rocks to the center of the bobby pin and on the tulle.  I added some glitter glue to the piece as well.

And there you have it!  A very fun, vary pink, very girlie hair accessory.

Supplies:  Love You More Collection, I bond Glue Gun, I rock, Hot Rocks, Pink Tulle, I top Bobby Pin, Medium Paper Punch. Twine, Glitter Glue.

Would you like a chance to play with the i-top tool?
All you have to do is leave a comment on each post this week.

Today we'd like to hear about what you would create using the hair accesories.

We will have a random draw at the end of the week and ONE lucky person will win an i-top tool & some select accessories to go along with it.
(Winner will be announced Fri., May 17th)


Join us again tomorrow for more i-top inspiration!!


Barb Wagar said...

Oh wow. If I had one of these tools I'd be off and making so many sweet things. With Graduation coming up in a few short weeks there would be some pretty nice matching lace and satin floral hair pieced that could be placed throughout a lovely hair do up for the girls, corsages, special hat garnishes and for dressing up plain shoes... for sweetening up a formal dress. Not to mention what I could do for a scrap book or art project!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

totally rocking the i top ladies

Anonymous said... all of these ladies!

Beckie said...

Beautiful and so loving this tool! Mind is racing what could be made with it! A really cheerful summer hair band I think :)

sharon g said...

I have been intrigued by the i top since it came out!! I'd love to have one!!

Kelly Massman said...

i would create some pretty barrettes! thanks!

Sue D said...

I would create hair accessories for my granddaughters featuring their favorite things.

Romy said...

So many fabulous ideas! I love all these projects.
I would love to create a corsage to wear in my hair on special occassions.

Natasha G.P. said...

The bobby pins are such a cute idea. I would like to make those with my cousin.

mitch1066 said...

oooh i want to try it all,ive fallen in love with 1950's fashion and these hair accessories would finish off the outfits!

Carol said...

Super cute hair accessories! If I had the chance I would make some for my niece since I only have sons.

Carol B

Unknown said...

These are super cute! I have been this tool for a while but couldn't... I would make some headbands, alligator clips and make some flowers for my daughter and nieces. They're only 6 and at this age, its all about being pretty and being girls:-)

Holly and little people said...

I love the ease of creating that I see with the i-top. I would love to make some matching dodads for my daughters!

Amy Martin said...

These are adorable... I would have to create some hair bands for my daughter and nieces. They love doing their hair.

donlambson said...

great varied ideas with the i-top tool! so much fun!

Unknown said...

I would make some hair bows for my hair.

Iris said...

flower centers for cards

Jean Bullock said...

I would make hair clips for my granddaughter.

SeaTF said...

My daughter would love me to make clips and cute elastics since she just started wearing her hair up. Such cute ideas! Thank you!

Michelle said...

I couldn't narrow it down to just one! At 2 my daughter is all about the accessories.


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