Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Busy Box

Need some ideas for children when you go on long trips?
Then check out this adorable project by Marcia!!  It is sure to please any child!!

'Busy Box'

How many of you are planning a road trip around Thanksgiving or Christmas? Do you need ideas for keeping your little ones entertained?  Maybe hear, "Are we there yet?"  a little less. Well I've got a great idea for you. I put together a busy box. 

I decorated my box with paper and die cuts from the Family Fun collection. It's about a 9"x9" tin. 

This box can hold plenty of snacks, games, crayons... I decided to make some magnetic dolls to put inside mine with the Family Fun die cuts. Since my box is actually a tin I am upcycling, so the magnets will stick right to it!. To create the magnets, I ran the dolls and accessories I chose through my 9" Creative Station with a Laminate Magnet cartridge inside. 

I chose accessories that were not too small so their little fingers would not get too frustrated, lol. Then I cut the pieces out. 

Since the Safari hat had a slit cut in it for the doll head, I used my Clicut to cut through the laminate and magnetic sheets. The Clicut is one of the newer tools for Imaginisce. It's a retractable pen knife. Make sure to use it with a self healing mat so as not to cut into your table top.

I organized my box with the girl doll and accessories on the inside of the lid and the boy doll and his accessories on the bottom of my tin. They can be moved around easily and dressed and undressed. I may need to add some of those adorable zoo animal die cuts to my busy box. 

To add to the creativity, I got a small dry erase board. The magnets will stick to this board too! and Did you know you can get dry erase crayons? No tops to get lost! No mess if they happen to fall out of little hands! Where were these when my kids were little! They work great and can be stowed away inside the busy box!  

Imaginisce : Pattern Papers, Die Cuts (Family Fun),Clicut, Self Healing Mat
American Crafts - Thickers


TracyM #6773 said...

What FUN :)
THANK YOU for sharing your CREATIVE INSPIRATION with this FABULOUS Busy Box Marcia!!!

Suzanna Lee said...

Marcia that is so fun and creative!! Fantastic idea! Way to think out of the box! Or in the box?!... LOL!!


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