Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gift Tower

Check out this stunning holiday decor project that Katrina made! Wow!!!

Toppling Gift Tower

It's Katrina here with you today, to share a project that is a fun home decor item or could be a great hostess gift for the Christmas season!  This was inspired by a morning television show here and the FYI Guy, Jeremy Rabe. You can find Jeremy's website HERE.  He made one of these out of gift boxes and wrapping paper and I just adapted it for scrapbooking!  Plus, he has lots of other cool ideas! 

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I started by using a set of chipboard boxes that I got at my local crafting store.  I measured the sides and tops of the boxes, then cut pieces of pattern paper to fit.  I used liquid adhesive to attach the pattern paper to the chipboard.  It works best if you apply some of the adhesive and then spread it out to create a thin layer.  

To make the boxes stand, place a piece of foam in the bottom of your container, then you will use a dowel rod to run thru the boxes.  

I actually drilled some holes thru the boxes on opposite ends, which made it quick and easy!  

Have an idea of how you want to arrange your boxes before drilling the holes.  Below, you can see how I decided to angle the boxes.

Then the fun part is the decorating each present.  I started with the bottom once again, and the moved up to the next box.  

On the middle one I knew I wanted a big snowflake, so I cut one out and then sprayed with some glitter spray.  I finished it off by placing an i-Top brad in the middle of it just for fun!

I also inked the edges to match my papers on all the edges, just to give it a little more finished look.  Top the dowel rod with a bow and you are done!!

Thanks for stopping by the Imaginesce blog today!  Happy Holidays and New Year!!

Imaginisce:  i-Top, Brad Daddies
Pebbles-Home for Christmas

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