Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Let's Roll: Slider Cards

I started with some patterned paper cut to 4 1/8" x 5-1/4", and a darker strip (for contrast with my stamped gingerbread man) that was about 2 1/4" x 5-1/4". Adding a second layer of patterned paper helps to reinforce the spinning track. If you are using a cardstock front, you probably wouldn't need an extra layer unless you want it only for looks.
For the spinning mechanism you will need two pennies and some kind of round dimensional adhesive that will hold the two pennies together. I didn't have any circle foam dots, so I trimmed down a square one and it seemed to work fine. But it needs to be cut as close to a circle as possible to help with rolling. Dimensional glue dots do NOT work because they are sticky on the sides as well--not a good thing when you want the mechanism to spin freely.
Next, using my Stampin' Up Word Window Punch, I pushed the punch up as far as it would go onto the bottom of the gingerbread house paper and punched as closely to the sides as I wanted to go before punching out the center portion too.Pushing it as far as it will go onto the paper or cardstock insures that you can get all three punched areas aligned. (If you don't have a Word Window punch, you can also use a small circle punch at the same height on either end, and cut lines between the circles

Note: Split Coast Stampers has a great tutorial on how to create the slider track from scratch.
To get the spinner mechanism in place, simply push it into one track, and then push out the opposite track until you can gently get it on the other side of the penny mechanism in place. Before putting in the mechanism add a sentiment to this layer if you want one (it's much easier then trying to add it after placing the foam tape on the back of the card). Try placing penny mechanism in the center of the image or you may notice an awkward wobble as the chipboard spins.

In the image below, it shows how I taped the back. I use a doubled stick foam tape (any type will do). I use two layers of the foam tape so the pennies move freely and the spinner can spin properly. As much work as it is, I'd rather add that extra layer of tape and know that it will spin well. I put two long, narrow strips of doubled tape on both the top and bottom of the track to add extra support. The rest of the foam tape is on there merely to attach my card front to my mat layer.
Last, mount the built slider section to front of folded card base (4 1/4" x 5 1/2" finished size).
To see the Vroom! card in action click here.
To see the Ready, Set Go! card in action, click here.


Jana Eubank said...

These look like fun! Gotta try this sometime!

kshand said...

These are so adorable!! Thanks for the tutorial!!

Lydia said...

Ok this is genius~

Julie Bonner said...

So adorable - love these!!

Yolanda said...

fun card!!


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