Monday, January 9, 2012

Introducing ...

Throughout the month of January we will be introducing
our 2012 Design Team members to you.
You will enjoy getting to know them as they share 5 interesting facts about themselves and 1 secret that no one else knows .... (that is, until now!)

Today we would like to introduce to you ....

I'm mommy to two beautiful girls and a great step-son. I have a wonderful hubby who supports my crafty side! I'm lucky enough to work at home using my marketing background and passion for social media. I've been documenting memories since I can remember but I became obsessed with it in 2010. I'm often found getting creative in my scrap room, designing or guesting for manufacturers, kit clubs and/or challenge sites. I have been published in print and online magazines. My other obsessions include being a HUGE Rob Thomas fan as well as diving all over the world, even when it means a random encounter with hammerhead and nurse sharks!

I'm so excited to be returning to the team!
Here's 5 random things you may or may not find interesting about me:

  1. I'm very adventurous, from kayaking in a crocodile infested river, roller coasters, snow/water skiing, scuba diving...I love a thrill! There's more I'd love to try, like skydiving, but won't now that I have kids. Too risky!
  2. According to my hubby, I move my fingers and/or wiggle my toes a lot when I'm going to sleep.
  3. My first job was as a DQ girl (Dairy Queen) and I could make a mean swirl on the ice cream cones; not so much now though.
  4. I'm half Hispanic, with brunette hair and brown eyes but one of my daughters is blonde with blue eyes. My other daughter is brunette with green eyes. This goes against what I was taught in biology about those dominant genes.
  5. I'm a WAHM (work at home mom) so I get the best of all worlds - work in my pj's, home for my girls before/after school, and my work space is in the same room as my creative space!

One thing that no one knows is:
I'm a reality TV junkie - the good, the bad and the crazy ones - though I do have my limits!

Thanks Heather for sharing a little bit about yourself! We're thrilled to have you on our team again and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work in 2012!
You can follow Heather and see more of her beautiful work on her blog.

Join us again tomorrow and the rest of this week as we introduce a few more members of our 2012 team!


Regina Mangum said...

Yay, Heather! Excited to be working alongside you on this team...((I'm a reality tv fan, too, but don't tell anyone, LOL!)) XOXO

Diana Fisher said...

Great list, Heather! Loved reading more about you!

Guiseppa said...

So nice to get to know you! One of my first jobs was a DQ girl funny! I still put a swirl on top of my ice cream...habit I guess or maybe second nature!

Chelle said...

My first job was a DQ girl as a small town in Alberta. Loved that job. I still tell them how to make my blizzards the better way (not the new cheap way). LOL

Court said...

Loved this Heather! :)

Tiffany Hood said...

I was a DQ girl, too! How funny! Worked there through High School and still love DQ today. So fun getting to know everyone.

Adora Concepcion said...

hi Heather! love reading your list!
looking forward to working with you.

Shellye said...

LOL Oh you're my kinda gal, Heather! I've enjoyed reading about you...what fun!

Cari said...

So happy to have you join us again Heather! ;)

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Wow a DQ girl! We love to find DQ's while we are on vacation!!
Fun reading about you :)


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