Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let's Clicut with Heather!

Today we have the talented Heather Leopard sharing a project that she created using the Clicut.


At Halloween time here in the U.S. the neighborhood kids like to "BOO" each other, at least here in our neighborhood. It usually consists of a little goody bag treat with a poem inside along with an "I've been boo'd" sign to put on your door. You don't say who it's from, you just leave it when no one is looking. Naturally, after we got boo's this year, I had to create a card for the basket. Seeing as how I'm the only crafty mama on the block I am sure they will figure out who it's from but I just couldn't resist.

I put the card together and then I used my Clicut and my cutting mat to trim the paper around the sides of the card after I adhered it. I also used my Clicut to make the word bubble. This is so trendy right now and I thought I'd give it a go. I simply cut out the letters and then I cut around them to form the bubble.

Supplies: Clicut and cutting mat, 400035 die cuts, 400020 12x12 paper, 400022 12x12 paper and 400023 12x12 paper.

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